A HUGE queue of shoppers stretched through a supermarket car park.

The lenghty line formed at the ASDA store at Brighton Marina in the early hours of this morning as people waited for the chance to snap up certain items.

Availability of pasta, toilet roll, baked beans and more has diminished as demand for the items has skyrocketed following the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK.

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The Argus:

As a result, Tesco and ASDA has reduced the opening hours of many of its 24 hour stores, including the Brighton Marina superstore, to 6am-10pm.

A passerby described more than 100 shoppers waiting outside the store this morning, waiting for its doors to open at 6am.

Once the shop did allow customers in, one visitor said shelves were "stripped bare" within minutes. Just 20 minutes after the store opened the recently replenished toilet roll stocks were sold-out, the shopper said. 

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The Argus:

The Government and supermarket bosses have urged Brits not to resort to panic-buying essential items, instead encouraging people to be "sensible".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "We are absolutely confident our supply chains are working, and will work...Therefore people should have no reason to stockpile or panic buy."

Pictures: @dmoonuk