A DANGEROUS driver careered through a hedge during a high-speed police chase.

Jake Roberts was caught on police cameras racing through St Leonards away from officers.

The 24-year-old roofer pulled off a series of dangerous turns in a Ford Focus in his bid to escape.

Video footage showed how police were first aware of the incident when Roberts performed an illegal right turn.

He was trying to escape because he had cocaine.

But at Lewes Crown Court Roberts was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence and an 18-month driving ban.

Footage of the incident on May 10 last year showed that at first he appeared to pull over for the police but then he pulled away at speed.

The pursuit then started through Old Roar Road.

Presented with a dead end barrier, Roberts slowed down then decided to mount the kerb and ram through a hedge.

A police officer then used a “stop stick” to bring the Ford Focus to a halt.

The device is used similar to old “stingers” to puncture the tyres.

Two police patrol cars were used to continue the pursuit.

One of the larger vehicles overtook Roberts and then successfully forced him off the road and to stop.

Police said the footage was shared to “demonstrate the risks associated with such actions”.

The force said Roberts drove through a 4ft high hedge when he was confronted with a dead-end barrier.

Officers said he continued to evade them as he drove in The Ridge, Hastings, where eventually he was brought to a halt.

At interview, Roberts answered “no comment” to all questions put to him.

He was charged with dangerous driving and possession of cocaine.

Roberts, of Observatory View, Hailsham, was given the suspended sentence and driving disqualification.

He was also ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid community service and a £140 victim surcharge.