POLICE are urging the public to stop calling them about cafes and restaurants remaining open.

Sussex Police are receiving a number of phone calls about food and drink establishments being open, despite the Government's decision yesterday for all pubs, cafes and restaurants to shut until further notice to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Gyms, theatres, cinemas and nightclubs have also been ordered to close under the new measures, but the rules do not apply for takeaway places.

Posting on their Twitter page today, Sussex Police said: "We’re getting calls about cafes and restaurants still open.

"We are reminding premises of the Government's advice if they are open.

"However, some will be operating a takeaway service, not affected by the measures.

"Please keep our lines free for those that need us. Thank you." 

Speaking at his daily briefing yesterday when he made the announcement about forced closures, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said people need to be kept "physically apart" to stop the virus being passed on.

The Prime Minister said the situation would be reviewed each month and promised to stand by companies affected by the unprecedented action.