CAMPAIGNERS have launched a petition to save a historic school which is set to close due to financial losses.

More than 2,000 people have signed a petition on to save Moira House, which is due to close at the end of the academic year.

The girls’ school in Upper Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, was acquired by the Roedean group of private schools in 2017 but is closing because of a drop in pupil numbers and unsustainable financial losses.

But according to campaigners, Roedean did not deliver on promises to invest in all aspects of the school’s infrastructure.

The Save Moira House petition states: “Most of the stakeholders were led to believe Roedean’s goal to take over Moira House was to help the school by investing resources in improving the school from all facets – the buildings, curriculum, fixtures and equipment.

“Sadly none of these promises have come to fruition.

“Questions have been raised about whether Roedean has always treated the takeover of Moira House as a real estate project rather than a ‘true education’ endeavour.”

A spokeswoman for Roedean said: “If Roedean had not agreed to support Moira House in 2017, the school would have closed with little notice to parents, pupils and staff. Roedean believed it would be possible to turn the school around long-term.

“In the past three years however, despite everyone’s dedication and Roedean investing in improvements in facilities and co-curricular activities, and the improved academic results, the school’s pupil numbers continued to decline.”

The spokeswoman said Roedean had committed to meeting all closure costs to enable the school to operate until the end of the summer term, which she said would “probably lead to Roedean making a loss”.

She added: “Roedean is delighted there are some Moira House parents and old girls who have expressed an interest in developing a bid for the school in order to keep it open.

“Although it is for the Moira House Board to consider any proposal from a new potential investor, Roedean hopes very much that the Board is able to agree a solution which would enable the school to remain open.”

The school, which has 312 pupils and accepts children between nursery age and 18, has been running in Eastbourne for more than 130 years.

Costs range from £3,225 per term for Reception age children who are not boarding, to £11,530 per term for boarding Year 13 pupils.