THE victims of a “dangerous” rapist have described their ordeals at his hands.

Andrew Ford admitted abducting one woman, dragging her into bushes, and then attempting to rape her in Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Gardens.

He was also found guilty of the coercive control and rape of another woman in the city, forcing himself upon her on the day she had had an abortion.

The 23-year-old was jailed for 20 years at Hove Crown Court last week.

Now both women, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, have spoken out about their ordeals.

The woman targeted at Pavilion Gardens was returning home after a night out with friends in June.

Shocking CCTV footage showed Ford doubling back when he saw her, hiding in bushes, then running after her to grab her in a choke hold that made her unconscious.

She said: “Seeing what he did was crazy, he just thought about it, went to me which is crazy, like an animal.

“He thought about it before doing it as I had gone past him.

“He looked like he was so sure he was going to do it, no matter what.”

The court heard that she was vulnerable to Ford, who claimed to be drunk and said he had no memory of the attack.

But it has had a lasting impact on the woman. She said: “Some nights I have bad dreams, I can’t breath during the flashback.

“It made me feel paranoid, I was also angry, crying, sad, I was everything. Bad dreams happened a lot, more or less the same dream, shadows and me running. I try not to think about it.

“This has changed me, my relationships with guys has changed.

“Seeing the footage, I see that drinking is bad. I was emotionless, because I was like an object that he can take, use and put in the bin. That’s how I felt seeing myself on the footage.”

Footage showed Ford returning to the scene to pick up her clothing and he then shaved his head and beard in an attempt to hide what he had done.

Meanwhile, a media appeal by The Argus prompted people to identify him, including a woman who had been raped by Ford on the day she had an abortion.

The control freak had tried to accuse her of stabbing him and when she was arrested she suffered a miscarriage in police custody.

She said: “I was scared of him, it was a nightmare.”

In the witness box in Ford’s trial, she described how he used the same choke hold, and had repeatedly kicked, punched and scratched her.

She said: “He was strangling me, he punched me in the solar plexus, I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was going to die.”

Ford, formerly of Bramble Way, Stanmer Heights, must serve at least two thirds of his 20 year sentence before he can apply for parole.