HOSPITAL staff have raised concerns that reduced bus services have left them too close to other passengers as they make their way to their vital jobs.

Brighton and Hove Buses reduced daily bus times so a Saturday service on Monday - but has now decided to look again at routes to the Royal Sussex County Hospital after NHS workers said they were being left to travel too close to other passengers.

One hospital worker, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Argus: “ A lot of hospital workers get the number 23 bus in the morning. But on a Saturday it only starts at 9am.

“On Monday morning the buses up to the hospital were so full we were all squeezed close together.

“With more people on these buses there is no chance to stay away from others.

“The bus company doesn’t seem to have thought about the effect of hospital staff and there needs to be some common sense around this.

“We don’t all work nine to five shifts and don’t want to be up close on the bus with lost of others.

“I normally get the bus at about 7am but that wasn’t possible.”

After the Argus raised NHS staff’s concerns bus company managing director Martin Harris said: “As of Monday March 30 we are making enhancements to morning start times on many bus routes. We will do everything we can to support our heroic NHS staff and get them to work safely during this difficult time.

“This type of feedback is really important to us so we can adjust our services in future months to best meet demand.”

Passengers are being urged not to use cash and those with older persons or disability bus passes will be allowed to travel for free 24 hours a day.

Mr Harris said they had cut this week’s services to a Saturday timetable “to realistically reflect passenger demand and resources during these unprecedented times and we’ll continue to review bus timetables in the light of this.”

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