Brighton seafront will not be closed despite pleas from residents and a UK-wide lockdown.

Brighton and Hove City Council made the announcement after many people flouted social distancing advice over the weekend and the Prime Minister announced strict measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.


Over the weekend, thousands flocked to the beach to enjoy the sunshine despite the coronavirus outbreak.

The government, advised by medical officials, instructed people to socially distance themselves in a bid to curb the spread of Coivd-19.

People were calling for the council to close to beach after the advice was seemingly ignored.

Then last night, Boris Johnson ordered the closure of all shops selling non-essential goods as well as playgrounds and churches.

Gatherings of more than two people will be banned in the most dramatic curbs ever seen in Britain in peacetime, as the government goes all out to stop the spread of the killer disease.

Despite the measures, a council spokesman said today: “We are not closing the seafront at this stage but will follow government guidance and keep this under review.

“The council recognises the importance of residents being able to get fresh air and exercise but it’s crucial they follow the advice on social distancing.

“We have also written to seafront businesses asking them not to put out tables and chairs and ensure queuing customers are kept two metres apart.

“If they cannot ensure these measures are adhered to, then we would ask them not to open.”

On the weekend, Councillor Samer Bagaeen, opposition spokesman on the council’s Health and Wellbeing Board, said authorities should “close the seafront now”.

One Twitter user called those on the beach “irresponsible morons” – similar to the term Coividiot, which was popularised over the weekend.

Responding to The Argus’s pictures, another user remarked “At which point will Brighton council will enforce the closure of the seafront?

“I have Just received our council tax bill – 4 per cent increase.

“At least use our money to Police the seafront and make it safe from these nutters.”

The demands came as officials closed West Wittering Beach after people continued to flout the social distancing advice.

In a statement, West Wittering Estate PLC said: "It is with regret that we have decided to close the beach car park with immediate effect.

"Despite the most recent government advice, the number of visitors we have accommodated today has far exceeded our expectations.

"Although we have ample space and have taken measures to reduce the risk to customers and staff, we cannot ignore the fact that remaining open has encouraged an unacceptable movement of people into our local community.

"We understand that the restrictions imposed by the government make us an attractive option for exercise, dog walking, and socialising, but we cannot in good conscience remain open to the public.

"Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to welcoming you back soon."

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