BRIGHTON’S most famous hotel offered seaview rooms for NHS staff - but has had to delay the offer.

The Grand promised to give over its rooms to hardworking medical staff when it closed its doors for only the second time in its history yesterday.

But NHS workers who tried to take up the offer were told it was not available.

The hotel told The Argus they were "working to finalise the offer"

A spokeswoman said: “We are working directly with our local NHS Trusts to finalise the process to deliver our offer of support where we can, making bedrooms available, if required to frontline employees that may need to remove themselves from their family environment to enable them to continue their heroic work during this difficult time.”

One NHS worker said: “I went on the Grand website after I saw The Argus article and saw for my own eyes that is what they said.

"I’m a frontline nhs worker so I contacted the grand because I thought it would be a perfect place to stay and protect my elderly parents but they have emailed me back saying they are not offering rooms for the nhs.

“I checked the website again and it has also been removed from their website now.

"I’m not sure why they’ve changed their minds, but I assume if there was no availability left they would have said so?

“If an offer is too good to be true, it usually is.”

Staff at the hotel said they were closed to the public, with no guests but some staff still working.

Despite announcing the offer on Monday staff this morning said it “had not been finalised”.

General manager Andrew Mosley explained to The Argus that they were still hoping to offer rooms to medical workers.

He said: “We are working directly with the local NHS Trust to get this up and running as quickly as possible, to coordinate stays for local NHS staff who are working locally in our communities.

"Bookings will likely be centrally through the Trust who also have details on eligibility. We are taking details of anyone who contacts us and we will get back in touch with information on how to book as soon as possible.

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