I READ the letter from Nick May, Brighton’s current Divisional Commander. I think he is the first serving commander to have a public letter published.

In many ways I have to agree with some of his comments, such as having brave police officers who perform outstanding work but Brighton has always had outstanding and brave policemen/women with many being awarded bravery awards from Buckingham Palace.

However, Mr May, you have many residents with you, including me.

But, you have a long way to go to meet the public demands.

Until you once again you have “bobbies on the beat” and officers able to converse with the public, in my opinion you won’t get the general public behind you.

You will only be in Brighton for three or four years and then there will be another change of commander.

I may be old fashioned and well behind the times but I remember when officers were on the ground and talking to residents.

You are lucky if you see a pair of officers shoot past you in town. What good is that to the public?

I would be the first to note policing in my day was much different to these days.

We were able to have 28 officers working a night shift in Brighton, can you tell me just how many officers you now have working a night shift or a late shift?

I know what I am talking about as I served 27 years as a police officer, all service in Brighton from 1958.

I am also a founder member of the Police Museum situated in the basement of the Brighton Town Hall. If you haven’t already visited it then you should.

Anyway, I wish you, your men and women good luck for the future and if you want to be a hero bring back the beats and beat officers, the public would back you.

David Rowland Harvest Close Telscombe Cliffs