AS PEOPLE are urged to stay in their homes, party-lovers could be forgiven for thinking their next night of revelry is a long way off.

But this is not necessarily the case.

The popularity of virtual parties is soaring thanks to new apps such as Houseparty.

The video messaging service sees groups of friends broadcast themselves into the houses of others through their phone screens, allowing them to talk, play games and party together.

The app splits users’ phone screens into segments, each featuring the face of another of their friends in the group, reducing the loneliness that comes with enforced self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

It also offers revellers the chance to play games against each other, including Heads Up, a reimagining of charades, and Quick Draw, a digital version of pictionary.

The pictures, right, show the Quick Draw efforts of an Argus reporter, who has asked to remain anonymous.

The app has existed for years, but the current climate has seen its success sky-rocket.

It is currently the number one downloaded social networking app on the Apple store, seeing off the likes of media behemoths such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

Skype sits in second place.