A COMPANY which manages Airbnb properties is offering accommodation for people in self-isolation due to coronavirus.

Airhost For You is advertising short-term accommodation in Brighton as “the best option for those wishing to protect themselves and others, those who cannot travel, remote workers or key workers”.

The company, which is based in Gloucester Road, Brighton, has posted photos on its Twitter page of “luxury” accommodation with facilities such as outdoor spaces, ensuite bathrooms and smart TVs.

One Brighton resident criticised the move, saying it encouraged people to travel into the community and was “profiting from the virus”.

But Kelly Scales, director and founder of Airhost For You, said: “At a time when many people require a safe and clean place to stay in order to protect themselves or their family, we are very happy to be able to assist with much needed short-term accommodation.

“Professionally cleaned self-catering apartments and houses, where people can cook for themselves in the comfort of a home from home, are a safe and practical option.”

Ms Scales said rates are “massively reduced, making our accommodation entirely affordable to those who need it right now: key workers and those requiring a home away from home to protect others”.

One-bedroom properties listed on the website are currently priced from £64 per night.

But one Brighton resident, who wished to remain anonymous, criticised the company for encouraging people to travel into or within the community who may have the virus.

He said: “Can you imagine the risk? Not only may they spread it on their way, but also when they are getting into the property.

“They may arrive with no provisions and infect delivery drivers. They might make contact with the neighbours.

“When the property is cleaned after they leave, not only the cleaner might get infected but also the next people to stay there – especially if there is a ‘quick turnaround’ and the property is not disinfected properly.

“I deem this as Airhost For You just trying to profit out of the virus and it may put a further strain on to our overwhelmed local health service.”

Councillor Gill Williams, chairwoman of housing at Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “We trust this is not a purely opportunistic piece of marketing by Airhost For You, but a genuine offer made to people in need and that their prices – if they are charging at all – will reflect that, especially where those needs are long-term.

“This is not a time for such businesses to be capitalising on a public health crisis.

“If they can offer free or very low cost accommodation to help out those in genuine need, then we are listening.”