A RESIDENT at a Hove care home has tested positive for coronavirus.

About three-quarters of residents at Oaklands Nursing Home, all over the age of 65, are reportedly displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

It is understood to have started 13 days ago, but despite pleading for it, the home struggled to source the proper protective equipment.

One-by-one, and despite the best efforts from managers who were instructing people to self-isolate, residents and staff developed symptoms, including a high fever, coughing and breathing difficulties.


So far, reportedly, seven staff who have worked at the home are sick, with coronavirus increasingly proving fatal to those in the older age bracket.

Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove and Portsalde, said: "I'm so upset for the families and staff that the worst possible result has come in; it's an incredibly worrying time and I'm hoping for the very best recovery.

“This has now highlighted the urgent need for more testing and quicker testing. 

"A ten-day wait to be tested is not acceptable and I hope lessons can be learned and learned quickly.

“I also spoke directly to the Prime Minister and asked for protective equipment for key workers like those in the care home.

“He promised me this would happen by Friday so I will be watching the situation and ensuring this materialises."

It is understood three residents were tested on Saturday.

One person tested positive and another person tested negative.

The other result is yet to materialise.

Gisella Casciello-Rogers, whose 94-year-old father Giuseppe Casciello has been sick for more than a week in the home, told The Argus on Monday: “I’m waiting by the phone to hear the inevitable – your father is dead.

“I have just spoken to one of the head nurses and have heard my dad has now got very, very weak.

“It is a war zone in there, the situation is critical and staff are diminishing by the day.

“On Friday, one of the nurses was in floods of tears as they have had no help – they rang 111 but no one answered.

“What can we do? Sit here and watch the residents die because staff are not getting the help and assistance they need?

“This is going to happen across the country. The staff are wonderful, the home is wonderful and they have got to this critical stage.”

The outbreak at the care home in Dyke Road Avenue was revealed in emails seen by The Argus.

Ms Casciello-Rogers added: “The staff are angels, they are hanging on to these people in the home so they are not burdening hospitals.

“The testing arrived on Saturday, but only three residents, including my dad were tested – we have not heard back.

“We need testing immediately so that staff can come back to work if they are not sick."

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