HAUNTING pictures show easyJet planes sat on a runway as the coronavirus crisis halts travel.

Hundreds of tourists should have been flying these airplanes heading to destinations all over the world as Easter holidays start.

But plans have been paused as countries are in lockdown and restrictions on daily life are in place.

The planes have been parked up at Gatwick Airport after Heathrow became too full of grounded flights.

The Argus:

They have been neatly lined up, and then left, as Britain waits out the health crisis gripping the country.

Coronavirus has now claimed the lives of 1,019 Brits, and infected 17,089 people.

Cases are set to peak over Easter in the UK, leading experts say.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries said cases will rise for “two to three weeks” then fall if Brits respect the lockdown.

She said: “If people have cut down their social interactions, we would start to see a change in the graph."

“The peak will be pushed forward but the height will be lower and we can manage NHS hospital care safely.”