PEOPLE are having house parties and pubs are having paid pub lock-ins, it has been reported.

Sussex Police said they have attended a number of reports of people having parties inside, despite a nationwide lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.

They have also been told that pubs have been advertising paid lock-ins despite strict instructions to stay inside to protect our National Health Service.

The force is having to remind people to follow government advice after receiving a number of reports of parties and gatherings on Saturday.

A spokesman for Crawley Police said: "We've attended a number of reports of parties in houses and neighbour gatherings. Follow Government advice, do not meet others, even friends or family.

"We've also been hearing of local pubs sending information about paid lock ins, also ignoring any lock down rule currently in place. 

"Our licensing officers will be checking every pub in the area to ensure all establishments are keeping to the guidelines."

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered a nationwide lockdown, with people only being allowed out of the house for limited purposes.

One form of exercise a day is allowed – for example a run, walk or cycle – alone or with a member of your household.

Those with any medical need or anyone providing care or helping a vulnerable person is also allowed out.