FANCY a takeaway, an alcohol top up, or some feminist literature to take your mind off the coronavirus pandemic?

Thanks to Brighton man Chris Boakes you can now view an extensive list of all businesses in the city offering delivery throughout the lockdown at

From Bagelman to Bison Beer, Pet’s Corner to Purezza, the online directory catalogues all manner of shops, restaurants, and cafes ready to help you through the outbreak.

What started as a weekend project for Chris has grown into a thriving website with more than 15,000 views since Sunday.

“I didn’t expect it to be this popular, it’s great to see people rallying around local businesses,” the web developer said.

“Jo Child of the Support Local: Independent Shops Delivering in Brighton and Hove Facebook page had created a spreadsheet will all of this data on it.

“So I set up this website in two days to make it easy for people to view on their phones. Anything that goes in the spreadsheet will appear on the website.”

Chris and Jo hope to keep the website updated as dozens of businesses across the city turn to delivery to stay afloat.

  • At The Argus, we are championing the work of traders during the coronavirus pandemic as part of our #BackingSussexBusiness campaign. We are always interested to hear how the community is coming together in this crisis. If you know of a local business battling to do all it can in these tough times and/or offering support to the local community, please get in touch at and