A MAN embroiled in a family court dispute over his son has been given a suspended prison sentence for threatening the boy’s mother during a hearing.

Dean Mayze disputed allegations made against, but was ruled to be in contempt of court by a judge in Brighton.

Mr Justice Moor outlined detail of the case in a ruling published online following a family court hearing.

He did not name the boy involved, nor the boy’s mother, Mr Mayze’s former partner, and said neither could be identified by “name or location” in media reports of the case.

Mr Justice Moor said Mr Mayze had become “frustrated” and made comments during a “heated” private family court hearing, related to the dispute over the boy and overseen by another judge, in January.

He concluded that Mr Mayze had made threats and intended to “cause” the boy’s mother to fear for her safety. The boy lives with his mother, the judge said.

Mr Mayze wants to see his son and said he has spent more than £20,000 on lawyers.

He said his former partner had “reneged” on an agreement that the youngster could spend time with him.