PANIC-BUYERS have been slammed after bins were pictured overflowing with food waste.

Shoppers descended on supermarkets earlier this month and stripped shelves bare as they stocked up in preparation for the spread of coronavirus.

Huge queues were seen outside the Asda superstore at Brighton Marina and Sainsbury's in Newhaven among others as bulk-buyers ransacked the shops, buying piles of pasta, toilet paper and baked beans.

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The Argus:

This continued for weeks despite government pleas to shoppers to stop, with reassurances that supplies would not be depleted.

Now, a council has found bins filled with uneaten items bought during this period of panic-buying.

Wealden District Council shared a photo of the wasteful scene and slammed those responsible.

A spokesman said: "Stockpiling food - what a waste.

"Here’s some of the food our bin crews have had to dispose of in recent days - thrown away as it was past its sell by date.

The Argus:

"Please shop responsibly, only buy what you need, or freeze what you can't use. Don't be a Covidiot, love food and hate waste."

This has been echoed across the country.

Loaves of bread, bunches of bananas and more have been seen spilling out of food recycling bins up and down the UK.

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