ANDREW Milroy’s attack on the Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis appears to me as a badly concealed attack on the Government because it is a Tory government.

He says the Government is inexperienced, yes, it has no experience in handling pandemics, nor has any other European government.

Would a Labour government, inexperienced in every way, have done better? I have no reason to think so.

Our present government has worked incredibly hard since the crisis started, appearing frequently on radio and television.

It takes advice from health experts and has had a difficult balancing act between doing the right thing for people’s health without disrupting lives too much, as long as that was possible.

This country has been short of intensive care beds as long as I can remember, no government, left or right has ever sorted this out.

It does seem that testing and better safety equipment for NHS staff would have helped, but we have to see the end of this crisis before a proper assessment can be made.

Every effort is now being made to produce more ventilators and protective clothing.

I am delighted that the Government has been working with the other parties during this awful period in our history. This really should not be a political problem.

I see no reason why sporting events should not be decided on by the people in charge, rather than the government.

So far Britain has done better than Spain, Italy and France, every government is struggling with this health crisis and dealing with it as best they can.

Mistakes are made, no doubt about it, but this is a health crisis like no other and correct me if I am wrong but the last pandemic in Britain was just after the First World War.

Let’s all do what we can, do as the Government says and make sure old neighbours and friends are all right.

Deliveries to everybody who needs it will hopefully come about soon.

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