QUITE a few years ago Brighton Museum did a display looking at life in 1950 Brighton.

I believe it was very popular with the public.

In the early 1950s Britain, like the rest of Europe, was still getting over the effects of the war.

There was still rationed food and a lot of injured people. But then in 1953 we had Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation and there were street parties all over the country.

My grandparents, the Attrells, along with the neighbours, organised the street party in Arnold Street.

Although I didn’t live in the street, I was invited.

I was four years old and we all had to dress up as there was a fancy dress competition.

My mother dressed me up as Sinbad the sailor.

She made it out of crepe paper and lipstick. I hated it.

The tables were full of sandwiches, cakes and homemade lemonade.

I sat at the bottom looking into my gran’s house and then I just got up and left the table and went indoors and refused to go back outside.

All the children received a gift for the Coronation.

Us youngsters had a bar of Five Boys chocolate and the older children got a blue mug.

As a three to five-year-old youngster I would be sent to the small shop in Milner Road (now a house).

I would buy five Players cigarettes for my mother.

Sometimes Mr Paine the shopkeeper would split the packet so that I could buy two cigarettes. Fortunately I never smoked.

I could go on, but I am sure that other readers have memories of the 1950s. Great times and great memories.

Ian Steedman Worthing