I AM writing to say that on Wednesday I was walking to work along London Road just opposite St Peter’s Church when I tripped on the kerb outside Dominos Pizza and fell headfirst onto the pavement, breaking my front teeth and badly cutting my lip and nose.

There were three men in the area waiting outside the pharmacy close by.

They were I would say homeless and waiting for prescriptions, the type we would normally give a wide berth to.

But on seeing what had happened they all ran to see if I was OK and were kindness personified.

One of them ran back to the pharmacy and bought me a pack of tissues and brought the pharmacist out while another comforted me and looked after my bag (which could have easily been taken) while the third called an ambulance on his own phone.

They were so kind and lovely and waited with me until the ambulance came.

I did not get their names, they did want anything at all from me, just to help me.

I just want people to know that although we judge these people these three were the salt of the earth.

They were not drunk or on drugs, just three really nice kind men down on their luck.

I want to say if anyone knows them, tell them thank you very much, also big shout out to the ambulance staff and hospital staff who were incredible as well.

Mary McDonald

Address supplied