PUB landlords who organise lock-ins during the coronavirus crisis have been warned they will ‘never work in the industry again’.

Peter Lamb, leader of Crawley Borough Council, made the stark pledge during the second of his online Q&As, answering questions about the ongoing lock-down.

Following reports that some landlords had been allowing customers into their pubs, Mr Lamb said: “What ever people may well think, trying to organise pub lock-ins and things like that, we are finding them, we are identifying who is responsible, and the licensing committee will take all action to ensure that they never work in the industry again if they continue to put people’s lives at risk.”

Crawley Police had shared a similar message, warning: “Our licensing officers will be checking every pub in the area to ensure all establishments are keeping to the guidelines.”

Pubs, along with cafes, night clubs and restaurants, were ordered to close from March 20 in an effort to help contain the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the measures would be enforced ‘strictly’ and that licensing arrangements would make doing so ‘relatively simple’.