A CHEESE shop has started sending supplies of fruit and vegetables to customers in isolation.

Barney’s Deli in Kensington Gardens, Brighton, has diversified its business to cope with the coronavirus lockdown.

Customers can now order boxes of fresh vegetables and have them delivered to their doors the next day.

Owner Michaela Myers said: “We wanted to protect our business and help the community around us at the same time.

“We noticed people were struggling to get essential items like fresh fruit and vegetables, so I scoured the area for wholesaler

and started running this service.

“Traditionally we’re a cheese shop and this was brand new to us at first, but I think the team here have coped very well and the reception we’ve had has been very positive.

“We’ve already started having a few repeat customers, which is fantastic.

“People are very happy that they can get hold of some essential items during these difficult times.”

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