CITY streets may not have been filled with people at the weekend, but they were filled with singing.

Neighbours in Havelock Road, Brighton, joined in a rendition of The Beatles’ Let It Be from their front doors on Saturday afternoon, all while adhering to social distancing measures.

Elsewhere in Sussex, speakers blasted The Beatles through Brighton’s Bedford Square over the weekend and couples enjoyed ballroom dancing outside their houses in Henfield.

In Havelock Road, some sang while others provided musical accompaniment with guitars, violins and more.

They were inspired by people in Italy who overcame feelings of isolation during their coronavirus lockdown by singing together. The event was suggested on a street Whatsapp group by resident Sam Hart.

The 51-year-old said: “We all went out to cheer for the NHS and I just thought it was really nice to see all the neighbours. We are quite a friendly street.

“There is a street Whatsapp group which has been really good to have, and people have been chatting and sharing jokes on there to stay connected.

“I have actually got to know people living here that I didn’t before. I thought, singing together is such a nice thing to do. I’m not a very good singer but when you sing with other people you feel so much better.”

She said people emerged from their houses at 2pm to join in, while others enjoyed the music and clapped along.

Neighbour Nicola Davies, who took part, said: “It was such a lovely thing to do. The song was tricky to co-ordinate with such a long road but we’re going to try again next week with a different song, perhaps something by Bill Withers as a tribute.

“We ended up chatting to lots of neighbours – some we already knew and some we didn’t – so it really bought our little community together."

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