FRIENDS of a man with multiple sclerosis have answered his DIY SOS.

Nick Cook, 49, was diagnosed in 2004.

He was an amateur triathlete but the debilitating disease “turned his life upside down”.

He is now largely confined to a wheelchair and finds it difficult to move about his house in Uckfield. His condition is worsening by the week.

But his friends – fellow members of the Mid-Sussex Triathlon Club – have stepped in and come to his aid.

They are hoping to make it easier for him to live at home, and have launched a crowdfunding campaign and an appeal for DIY experts who can help convert his house.

Nick needs to turn the garage to the side of his house into a bedroom and wet room so he no longer has to use the stairs.

He also needs wheelchair access at the front of his house and has to find a way to adapt his kitchen to his condition.

His friends want to help him live as normal a life as possible. Led by builder Graham Bond, they have decided to undertake the work themselves at a reduced cost.

They estimate they will need £50,000 to finish the project.

Nick said: “My mobility is worsening. Everyday tasks, like getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, washing and cooking are becoming harder. Transferring from my wheelchair to the stairlift is becoming more difficult.

“This conversion will mean all of the rooms I need are accessible in my wheelchair. I will also be able to get outside more easily.

“I’m grateful for the support from my friends and community. With their help I will be able to continue living my life independently and I’ll still be included in the group.”

More than 130,000 people in the UK suffer from MS. The disease leads the immune system to attack the body, and there is no cure.

That’s why Nick’s friends want to make his life as comfortable as possible. Their DIY approach means costs for the work are 35 per cent lower than the market price.

The project is scheduled to begin in July but the group needs help to finish it.

The friends are looking for funding and the expertise of specialist builders.

They are also asking builders’ merchants and DIY stores to provide materials.

You can donate to the project at