I DARESAY we are all going to experience a very different Easter weekend this year, writes Geoff Stonebanks.

I’ll have been in self-isolation with my elderly mum and partner now for more than four weeks, still not fully mobile, but hopefully off crutches in next couple of weeks.

I can’t wait to get out in the garden and start to tidy it up properly, despite the fact no one else will see it but us.

For me, the two flowers that I most associate with Easter are the daffodil and the tulip, both of which symbolise spring and new life too.

There is so much dreadful news at the moment that we need something to distract us and flowers and gardens quite clearly meet that bill for me. I’ve got quite a few of both blooming in my garden this weekend. I didn’t get the chance to plant any additional ones last autumn so am relying now on ones that had been planted several years ago but they are still managing to dazzle. I wonder how many readers have started taking an interest in their gardens, assuming you are lucky enough to have one?

The coronavirus lockdown has forced many of us to take a cold hard look at our homes and gardens, and as a result, DIY projects seem to have swept the internet. Over and above this, though, there appears to be vast swathes of people who want to spend more time growing plants, flowers, and food. At present we can’t go to the local garden centre but many stores and businesses are offering home delivery of plants and seeds to keep your fingers green and probably, more importantly, to help them stay afloat during the lockdown.

The last week has reinforced this prospect with the lovely change in the weather. The reality of many nurseries across the country having to get rid of so many plants they have carefully tended, because there is no outlet for them in the current crisis, is pretty depressing too, especially as many small suppliers will go out of business.

In anticipation of being able to do some work in my garden, I managed to order some compost online, to be delivered in a couple of weeks. I dare not start looking for plants to buy though, until I know I’m able to actually get out there to plant them up and then tend them. I did place an order with a well-known online company before I injured my ankle and the items have already started to be delivered. This last week, I’ve had five plugs of a new petunia called Blueberry Muffin, which have been potted up under cover.

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