BORDER Force officials stopped another boat crossing the channel amid further search and rescue operations.

It follows news that a boat with 23 people on board successful crossed the sea from France and landed at Hastings on Wednesday.

Three smaller other boats with people believed to be from Iran were intercepted and taken to Dover.

Today, a total of 29 individuals were rescued, including people who said they were Iraqi, Iranian and Libyan nationals.

At about 1am on Thursday morning, while temperatures at Dover were a chilly 7C, Border Force linked up with the SS Flamant patrol boat in the English Channel, the Home Office said.

Thirteen migrants were found aboard a broken-down vessel and were taken back to France.

Later, at about 6.30am, Border Force intercepted an inflatable boat that was carrying 13 men and three women.

They were brought to Dover "in line with established processes", the Home Office said.

Once in Dover, they will be assessed for symptoms of Covid-19 and continuously monitored.

The continued crossings come after the first cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in migrant camps in northern France, where conditions and sanitation are poor.