CREATIVE pupils made their own message to send to their teachers at school.

The Benfield Primary School reception class pupils made the touching gesture after parents got together to organise it on WhatsApp.

They each coloured in a letter and spelled out the message “Benfield! We miss you”.

The 18 children are pictured here with their letters.

Jenny Smith, whose four-year-old son Teddy attends the school, was among the mums who organised the message to the school in Old Shoreham Road, Portslade.

She said: “All the children have struggled, it is hard to adapt to the change. I’ve had to explain to Teddy he can’t go out when he wants to and it has thrown him a bit. Children just can’t comprehend why. The children aren’t getting to see their teachers or their friends.

“In our parents WhatsApp group we have kept each other going with lots of ideas.

“We thought it would be a lovely thing to do, because the school has been helping and supportive.”

She said the school has been sending work home for the children, with teachers recording videos of themselves reading and dancing.

Meanwhile parents themselves have come up with ideas to do their best to home educate their children and keep them entertained, including lessons in English, phonics, maths and physical education with Joe Wicks.

School headteacher Gemma Chumnansin said staff are still in school looking after children of key workers. They are also organising packs to be sent home to more vulnerable children whose parents may not have internet access.

“At the moment it is a strange atmosphere in school,” she said. “It is really nice that they have been thinking about us.”

The coronavirus Sussex Crisis Fund has been set up to help those affected by the pandemic. The Argus’s charity and American Express have each donated £50,000 to kick-start the appeal. Grants will usually be for up to £5,000. More information is available at www.sussexgiving. To donate visit