A RESIDENT was left with raised eyebrows after seeing four council workers standing shoulder to shoulder as they taped off a piece of outdoor gym equipment.

The passerby was taking their daily exercise in Hove Park when he spotted the scene.

He photographed the incident. The pictures showed the council workers contravening social distancing guidelines implemented by the Government to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

These state that people should not gather in groups or come within two metres of another person who is not from their household.

Speaking to The Argus, he asked, “where is the social distancing?” adding that it felt like “one rule for them and another for everyone else”.

Responding to the claims, Brighton and Hove City Council said it could “understand the concerns of the resident who shared this photo” and “will be reminding staff of their responsibilities”.

A spokesman for the authority said: “Our staff are doing a fantastic job keeping services running through the crisis. We have given staff clear guidance with regard to social distancing.”