A MAN has appeared in court charged with burgling the home of boxer Chris Eubank Jr.

Kerol Farquharson, 27, of Blackwall Way, London E14, appeared in custody at South Tyneside Magistrates Court on Tuesday (7 April), charged with burglary at the house in Hove, on 23 January, in which a large quantity of clothing and footwear was stolen.

He was remanded in custody to appear at Newcastle Crown Court on 5 May.

Farquharson was arrested in Nothumbria on 6 April, following enquiries by Sussex Police officers working with colleagues from the Metropolitan Police and Northumbria Police.

The majority of the property was recovered when Metropolitan Police officers searched a North London address on 31 January.

Eubank Jr, 30, shared a long video on social media showing the damage done to his luxury pad - including a smashed window and objects thrown around the house.

He also shared a CCTV clip of the two robbers in a hope they are "brought to justice" - having previously warned people off attempting to break into his home.

The Argus:

Addressing the "thieves", Eubank said: "Of all the things you could have taken in this room, you decided to take a jacket off this rail and throw it on to the floor.

"I have no idea why, but it's on the floor.

"If you had been good at your job and actually taken the time to inspect this garment you have so rudely thrown on the floor, you would have found this... [watch].

"And this is worth about 100 times everything you took in this house."

The boxing star had previously warned thieves off his house - after he shared a video of a cat breaking into his house to his social media in 2018.

Followers suggested it was unwise to post footage of his home, but Eubank hit back.

He warned: "I posted this video of a cat coming into my house.

"People have hit me up saying I shouldn’t have posted it because it entices would be burglars to come to the house and try and get in the same way the cat did.

"Any of you potential burglars, if you want to try and get past the nine CCTV cameras dotted around the property and then Spiderman your way up this 20ft wall to get through this window – a window that is never really open anyway – and get past the home security system, the alarms… and me.

"If you want to try that then go ahead. I wouldn’t recommend it, but that’s up to you."