A GROUP of parents and schoolchildren came up with a tasty way of expressing their gratitude to NHS staff working tirelessly on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus.

The Good Samaritans from Brighton raised funds to buy a huge haul of chocolate treats for workers at nearby hospitals.

The idea started when the group began discussing ways they could show their

appreciation of medical workers.

Roedean School parent Annika Mombauer came up with the idea and contacted friends from various WhatsApp groups to ask if they would donate.

The response was immediate.

Between them, they were able to collect £770 at short notice and used this to buy 500 slices of chocolate pizza from cocoa connoisseurs, Gourmet Chocolate Pizza.

The company even agreed to slash the prices of the slices when it heard where they would be sent.

Mrs Mombauer said: “The money came in and I contacted Gourmet Chocolate Pizza and they were so good.

“They gave us a big discount and shipped the chocolate to me for free.

“So, in the end, I had about £1,130 of Easter chocolate to give to NHS staff.

“I spoke to a fellow Roedean parent Dr Mindy Clarke, who is a consultant at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, and we sent a lot of the chocolate to staff there.

“You can see from the picture, featuring a lot of the Royal Sussex Covid-19 research team, that they really appreciated it.

“I also know a parent who is a GP and she said all the GP surgeries were really struggling so everyone who worked at Charter Medical Centre in Hove got an Easter gift.

“Another friend is an A&E consultant in Southend so all the staff at that hospital got chocolate too.

“I know it is only a little thing but we wanted to raise a little smile for all the NHS workers who are working so hard for all of us.

“It is just nice to be

thought of in these awful times.”

Last month, the NHS launched a mass appeal asking for people to volunteer and help the service cope with the immense spike in demand caused by the coronavirus crisis.

The response of the British public went above and beyond all expectations.

More than 750,000 people have signed up to join this “volunteer army” – three times the Government’s initial target.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Their incredible generosity means we can now start helping those most in need across our communities.”