AN MP who shared a confidential document alleged to contain details about a minor on Facebook has responded to criticism.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown, posted an unredacted version of a Labour report in a private Facebook group for local party members.

The 860-page report is alleged to contain confidential details of complainants of anti-Semitism, including those of minors.

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The newly promoted shadow environment minister said: “The link to the report I posted had already been posted in that Labour Facebook group and it was deleted when I was made aware it contained the information.

“People who are screenshotting this post and sharing it are doing so to muddy the waters on the actual salient issues.”

The leaked report Mr Russell-Moyle posted claimed that anti-Jeremy Corbyn sentiment within Labour hindered the party from tackling anti-Semitism.

The internal document claimed an “abnormal intensity of factional opposition” to Mr Corbyn “inhibited the proper functioning” of the Labour party and its complaints procedure.

It featured alleged WhatsApp messages and emails between key party figures.

When sharing the report in the forum for Labour members, Mr Russell posted a snippet from it – an alleged conversation relating to Brighton – and commented: “I’m convinced that justice will be done. What is it they say is best served cold?”

Mr Russell-Moyle said: “What I think this report shows is that, one, bullying needs to be investigated, two, if the alleged things are true there needs to be justice and, three, anti-Semitism exists in the party and those who deny it are in the wrong.”

Asked what he thought the consequences of the report should be, if it was proved to be true, he said: “An independent investigation will have to make those deliberations and there could be consequences.

The Argus: Lloyd Russell-Moyle became the Labour MP for Kemptown

“These could range from apologies to suspensions, to civil and criminal legal action.”

Mr Russell-Moyle’s posting of the report has been widely criticised online.

One Twitter user said: “Who could have predicted Lloyd Russell-Moyle would embarrass Starmer almost immediately after he promoted him?”

Liberal Democrat spokesman for Brighton Kemptown Ben Thomas, who stood against Mr Russell-Moyle in the 2019 General Election, said: “I fail to understand why he is obsessing over the Labour Party’s own internal

battles with zero regard to the confidentiality and data of those named in the report.

“Our hospitals are struggling, our nation is at an economic standstill, we need to crack on with holding this Government to account on its woefully poor handling on the PPE (personal protective equipment) situation and why we are letting down care homes across our city.”