A COUPLE with coronavirus have produced a video with a musical reminder to people to stay at home.

Kim and Len Cooper recorded themselves singing the theme tune to comedian Lee Mack’s television programme Not Going Out while in isolation.

Kim, a hospital clerical team leader, was tested for the virus after she started to feel unwell.

The 51-year-old said: “For me it started with a blocked nose and red eyes, which were painful and bloodshot.

“I was sent home from work last Tuesday and we were both tested on the Wednesday.

“We were both really surprised when the tests came back positive as our symptoms were more like what you get with sinusitis than the common symptoms for Covid-19.

“The day after our tests we got a slight cough and have been feeling really tired.

“It’s good to spread awareness as not everyone experiences it in the same way.”

Kim lives with husband Len, 58, in Wealden.

She said Len, a retired fireman, had the idea to make the video of them singing along to Not Going Out while wearing face masks as a bit of fun and to help spread the stay at home message during the lockdown.

She said: “We were both feeling a bit low after we got the virus, but after a few days when we were feeling better we made the video.

“We also did it to make sure our family and friends know we are both OK.

“Even though we have spoken to them on the phone sometimes they don’t always believe you as there are so many horror stories out there.

“Yesterday I felt I turned a corner with it, although I’m still getting out of breath sometimes.

“Thankfully we’re fit and healthy with no underlying health conditions – we’re very lucky in that sense.”

Kim’s family have shared the video online to spread the message not to go out.

She added: “My son put it on Facebook and people love it.

“I hope people do stick to the rules now the lockdown has been extended – I think it’s far too early to be going out, and hopefully the case numbers will come down.

“Frontline NHS staff are doing an incredible job.”