A HOUSING development in Peacehaven has been granted planning permission under coronavirus decision-making powers. 

Earlier this month, Lewes District Council approved a planning application to build eight three-bedroom homes on a former car sales parking site off of South Coast Road in Peacehaven.

The decision was taken by council officers, in consultation with planning committee chairman Cllr Sharon Davy, under emergency powers intended to allow decision-making to continue during the coronavirus lockdown. 

According to a report on the decision, Cllr Davy confirmed that she was supportive of a recommendation to grant the application, noting that no objections had been raised by Peacehaven Town Council. 

The report goes on to say Cllr Davy had approved of conditions intended to address the visual impact on the street scene.

While no objections had been raised by the town council, some objections had been put forward by local residents. 

The Argus:

According to council documents, three letters of objection had been submitted as part of the application process, with concerns including overdevelopment, lack of parking and pressures on infrastructure.

The proposal involves the erection of a total of eight two-storey, three-bedroom homes, to be arranged in two terraces of four, flanking South Coast Road. The scheme would be built in two phases, council officers say. 

The homes would be accessed via Second Road, using a new, as yet unbuilt, access point.

The development would also have 14 off-street parking bays, intended to serve the new homes.

For further details see application reference LW/19/0407 on the Lewes District Council planning website.