AS WEEK five of lockdown comes to an end, I am wondering just how long it will take for life to return to complete normality.

Realistically we could be talking months, because it is bound to be a gradual thing. There is no way we will go from total lockdown to out and about, mingling with all and sundry in one fell swoop. Rightly so, in my opinion.

We need to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to get on top of this thing and save as many lives as possible.

A dedicated follower of rules in general, I am fully on board with doing what I am told, until it is deemed safe to return to the way we were.

It does not stop me missing things, mind you.

Obviously people are right at the top of my list. It is unbelievably hard being apart from family for so long, especially those we usually see often. Friends too.

There are also lots of other everyday things I have a new found, and unexpected, appreciation for.

On the subject of people, I do miss walking along the street without giving strangers a wide berth and suspecting them of carrying potentially deadly diseases. As a polite Brit, I find this whole crossing the road to avoid someone very odd and uncomfortable.

That said, people on the whole are being far more friendly when I pop to the shops or out for a run, saying hello or thanking me if I have moved out of their way.

If we could keep that up after all this, it would be wonderful.

When I do dash out for essentials, I find myself hankering after the days of spending ages in the supermarket.

I really enjoy a big shop in my favourite store (you know, the German one with the aisle of dreams), taking my time over items on my list, looking for new things to try or deciding whether I need a tyre pressure checker or a foot spa.

Going to the supermarket on my own was up there on my list of exciting things to do of a weekday.

Now it is a massive, anxiety-inducing chore.

I get antsy waiting in the queue outside and, once I’m in the door I dart about grabbing the bits I need like I am a contestant on Supermarket Sweep trying to break some sort of record.

Once I have my items, I am through the checkout and out of the door at lightning speed, gulping fresh air as I leave as I become aware of the fact I have been holding my breath.

Weirdly, I also miss the school run. We live less than ten minutes from my son’s school so we always walk and usually find someone to talk to en route.

Then I chat to parents and his teacher in the playground and usually have another couple of minutes chin-wagging with someone once he has gone into class.

It is a pretty sociable place and I cannot wait to be back there.

I do not miss making packed lunches though, just so we are clear.

Attached to the school run are frequent trips to the park once lessons are over for the day, as the park is bang smack in between our house and the school gates.

I never thought for a moment I would miss hanging around there, freezing my bits off while my kid plays with his buddies and I glare at the bigger kids for swearing.

But now, when I walk past it all locked up and empty, it tugs on my heartstrings and I wish I could take my boy down there for a kick-about.

I miss our car.

I really like driving and there is always a discussion whenever we have a long-ish trip to make as a family, as we both want to be behind the wheel.

We have not driven anywhere in more than month now so, when someone asked me to move the car the other day, I got a little buzz of excitement just turning the ignition on.

I even miss the gym and I hate myself a little bit for admitting that.

Since the sun has come out, I can now add pub gardens to my “I wish I was there” list.

Hanging out with friends, sipping a nice cold drink and inhaling a big bowl of cheesy chips.

How perfect would that be right now?

Or dry roasted peanuts. I am not fussy when it comes to pub snacks.

In fact any sort of trip out involving people bringing me food would be ideal.

I am so bored with my own cooking and the same old meals day in day out, so eating out will be the first thing I do once this is over.

Nothing fancy, just a slap up breakfast or out for a pizza. Either will do me.

But for now we wait.

We do as we are told, sit tight and dream about how good that first taste of freedom will be.