A BLIND, 98-year-old Second World War veteran has written a poem of “eternal hope” from isolation.

Marion Sharville, who lives in Worthing High Street, wanted to share a poem with an old friend, but they could not meet in person amid the coronavirus lockdown.

With the help of her son and a dictaphone donated by the charity Blind Veterans UK, she was able to get the verse written down and attached to an email.

The Argus:

Marion’s son Paul, 59, also a writer, said: “My mum really shines in her poetry. She’s loved it since she was a child.

“She kept writing while she raised seven children and served as a driver in the RAF during the Second World War. She’s had two books of poetry and two novels self-published.

“Though she can’t really write poems down now, with the Blind Veterans’ dictaphone she can tell me a poem and I’ll write it out for her.”

Paul said his mother spends most of her time thinking about what she’s going to write next. Then, he and his mother will meet up to discuss her work and set it down.

“We love talking her work over together,” Paul said.

The Argus:

“This one is beautiful. We’re in a time when our elderly people are vulnerable, and to some people, even expendable.

“As soon as the lockdown set in, she turned to hope and encouragement, which is a very typical response from her.”

Here is Marion’s poem:

Blue skies, panorama to delight.

Twilight’s gentle fingers reach up to touch the hem of midnight’s velvet skirt

As she chimes to sparkle the stars with songs of love.

Drawn to the toe-tapping rhythm of dance, she is fulfilled

And sleeps serene in the lap of time,

Waking in the morning to the rosy glow of dawn’s eternal hope.

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