WE’RE all in lockdown wondering what to do, and 26-year-old Sarah Tijou, former BBC Newsreader, is busy making her next move

When life gives us lemons, why not squeeze them on some pancakes? Sprinkle a little sugar on top too.

That’s what I’ve decided to do.

I have an old horse box, and I’m spending isolation transforming it into one of my childhood dreams – a crepe van.

What better time for a new project?

Like many others facing struggles in these strange times, I’ve been dealt with redundancy and a return to home.

But we can’t let this virus get the better of us.

Onwards and flipping upwards.

But let’s back track for a moment, back to September when I was working at BBC World Service.

I had just arrived to my 7am Saturday shift when I was called back to my home in Newick, to make the emergency decision to put my horse down.

The Argus:

Perhaps only equestrians will understand this heartbreak, I’d had Copper since I was a child and this was the day I never wanted to come.

After a lifetime spent with her by my side, I didn’t know how to fill the huge hole she left.

It pushed me to reassess things.

It was one week later that I handed my notice in and took a job teaching skiing in Switzerland – because who wouldn’t prefer the mountains over a Southern Rail commute to an office?

While I did love my job, it was time to go.

Fast forward to March, the Coronavirus pandemic meant I lost that job and I had to fly home - to where Copper and I made so many memories.

The Argus:

Of course, it was easy to feel overwhelmed at first.

I had no idea what to do,

I couldn’t find work, and even volunteering was a tough gig to find.

With so many people in the same situation, it seemed hopeless.

Well that got me trying to think outside of the box and here we are.

Everyone has a lockdown story, and this is mine.

Although I do keep asking myself if I’m going a tad crazy, and we find ourselves regularly overcoming plenty of lockdown hurdles, but – I am having so much fun!

Luckily my partner, Tom, is working on this project with me.

The Argus:

He has the tools, the know-how, and the motivation to keep me busy, knowing that otherwise I’d be winding him up and climbing the walls!

(Perhaps this all sounds a little random, but) pancakes and DIY started at a young age.

We can thank my dad for that. Our weekends were regularly taken up with work on the house, and pancakes to keep up our strength.

I have such fond memories of sitting on the kitchen counter with my sister, helping to mix the ingredients, with the radio blasting.

Laughing at dad flipping each pancake out of the pan, occasionally getting them stuck on the ceiling or dropping to the floor!

To this day, I still use my dad’s recipe.

The Argus:

It’s proven popular with so many throughout the years: during sleepover parties, exam procrastination, hangovers, fuel after a BBC nightshift, low times, high times, you name it.

It’s always been the ultimate comfort food.

And now I want to share it with my local community.

I just need to put those child DIY skills to use and get the trailer ready.

If you would like to follow our progress or support this hopeful future business, you can find us @CoppersCrepes on Instagram and Facebook.