A COUNCIL has outlined its plans for recovering from the cataclysmic disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Brighton and Hove City Council will create a Covid-19 City Recovery Programme as it attempts to steer the city back towards normality.

The authority has the unenviable task of getting the tourist hotspot back to its vibrant best after months spent under lockdown.

But the recovery programme aims to “build a solid foundation” so Brighton and Hove “has the best opportunity to emerge as a healthier and more sustainable city”, council leader Nancy Platts said.

The Argus:

She continued: “While our immediate priority remains to protect the health of our residents and overcome the Covid-19 outbreak, it is important that the council and its partners also start to look at shaping our city for the future.

“How recovery efforts are structured will define our city for decades to come.”

The recovery programme will be split into three stages over the next 18 months, each designed to “guide the city through the transition from the emergency response of the outbreak to recovery and shaping the future”.

A council spokesman said: “The first stage will be developing the City Recovery Programme and establishing the key workstreams and recovery plans intended to be used in response to the pandemic. The second stage will be the delivery of the initial recovery strategy.

“This will include the relaxation from the lockdown arrangements and implementing the initial recovery plans.

“The third and final stage will be putting the recovery plans into practice.”

The Argus:

The programme will be steered by a five-member policy and resources sub-committee led by Cllr Platts, which it is hoped will allow decisions to be made quickly.

The council spokesman added: “We will look at restarting projects, restoring projects, lobbying for financial support and making positive changes to shape the city’s future.”

The authority plans to work alongside businesses and communities from across Sussex, including the police, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, the universities of Brighton and Sussex and the NHS, to get the city back on its feet.

Brighton and Hove City Council will look to address issues surrounding events and economy, infrastructure, environment and climate change among others.

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