A MUSEUM has created an immersive online exhibition of Sussex during wartime.

Brighton Royal Pavilion and Museums planned on holding a free day at its museums to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

But with coronavirus lockdown in full force staff have adapted and created a fascinating website detailing wartime Brighton.

“On the anniversary of VE Day we are unable to gather together in the same way,” said curator Jody East.

“The Covid-19 crisis keeps us confined to our homes, separated from friends and family and trying to work out how we will rebuild our own worlds.

“We can mark this 75th anniversary of VE Day by reflecting back on the past, and also by celebrating the importance of friendship and peace.”

The website includes audio clips of Brighton resident Tony Simmonds looking back over the war.

He remembers brutal air raids on Kemp Town and doing a conga line down from Brighton station to the seafront on VE Day.

Staff have also put together photos of wartime destruction, Luftwaffe reconnaissance photos, and a map marking where bombs landed in the town.

You can visit the website at ww2.brightonmuseums.org.