A THUG who attacked a police officer and spouted racist abuse has been jailed.

Simon Rogers-Davis used racist threatening abuse and behaviour near his home in Brighton Road in Worthing.

The 29-year-old also threatened unlawful violence towards a man there.

Rogers-Davis appeared before Brighton Magistrates’ Court where he admitted threatening violence, racially aggravated harassment, and assaulting PC Aidan Lee.

Police went to the Wolsley Hotel in Brighton Road after reports that Rogers-Davis was damaging property and throwing food around.

Rogers-Davis told police he was suffering from Covid-19 symptoms and then told an officer that it has "all happened because you're Chinese" before pretending to sneeze, spitting at the officer and spouting more racist abuse.

District Judge Amanda Kelly noted his “flagrant disregard to an emergency worker” and said he had used “vile racist abuse”.

He was jailed for six months.

After the case the officer said: "When I turn up to work I do not expect to be assaulted or racially abused while carrying out my duties as a police officer. 

"I definitely do not expect to be spat at during the current climate of coronavirus. This was an anxiety provoking experience and was totally unnecessary. This potentially could not just have had an effect on me, but also put my colleagues and family at risk."

Sergeant Peter Allan said: "I am pleased the court took these offences seriously, because of the flagrant disregard to one of our officers and the vile and personal racist abuse.

"I hope this result sends a strong message to those who seek to exploit public fear, to make personal attacks on those members of the emergency services who are working are hard to protect the community, of which they are members too."