WHENEVER The Argus publishes archive photos, we love to give the story and context in which they were taken.

But sometimes we do not have much to go on.

Maybe the photographer at the time did not think to give a detailed caption after taking the picture.

Maybe the picture was reused a few times and its original context was lost.

On the surface, these fantastic photos of Brighton dogs through the ages from The Keep archive in Falmer do not need context.

The Argus: A shepherd with his sheepdogs in 1937A shepherd with his sheepdogs in 1937

Take the photo to the right of a pooch celebrating its birthday on a bar, cake and all. What could any caption possibly add to make the picture any more entertaining?

But knowing the story behind a photo brings it to life. Knowing what the people in the pictured did before and after the shutter clicked makes them more alive.

So if you know the backstory behind any of these pictures, get in touch by emailing samuel.brooke@theargus.co.uk or calling 01273 021380.

  • The Keep archive is closed until further notice and unable to take orders for photos. Visit thekeep.info for more information.