AN ARGUS delivery boy has been praised for coming to the rescue of an elderly woman in need.

Femi Ofei-Kwatia, 15, does his newspaper round every morning on his bike.

But during the coronavirus lockdown, he’s been delivering more than just newspapers.

He begins at the Mill Lane newsagents in Portslade, and one of the last houses he reaches belongs to loyal 71-year-old Argus reader Susan Shanley.

She is housebound as a precaution amid the pandemic and had been struggling to get hold of essential supplies.

So Femi stepped in to help her out.

At first, Susan needed paracetamol and Femi zipped back to the newsagents to get her some.

Before long, she was leaving him a shopping list on her doorstep.

Femi said: “I didn’t want her to have to leave the house, so now I get her groceries and deliver them with her Argus. It’s hard for her to get out and buy things, and I just thought I could help.”

Femi has been delivering The Argus for more than a year. Over time, he and Susan have become firm friends.

Susan said: “Every day the paper comes through my door I look out of the window and Femi gives me the thumbs up to make sure I’m all right.

“He’s such a dear boy – he’s so kind and sweet. If I leave a note on the door with what shopping I need he cycles straight back up the road and picks up what I need. He’s wonderful.”

Susan has been reading The Argus for 30 years. She used to run a greengrocery in Valley Road and picked up her first copy from the newsagents next door.

She said: “I wouldn’t be without my Argus. Thirty years ago people used to queue outside the shop to get hold of the paper. I got hooked and I’ve had it delivered ever since.

“I love the sport section. I’m a Seagulls supporter and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms at the moment.”

After his rounds, Femi goes home to study. He is a pupil at King’s School, Hove, and has been learning remotely since the lockdown came into force.

His boss at Mill Lane Post Office and Off Licence Rashan Thakkar said: “Femi is really lovely.

“He’s a fantastic boy – he’s so polite and he’s always up for a job.

“He’s never late and he’s always there when you need him. He’s absolutely spot on.”

• The coronavirus Sussex Crisis Fund has been set up to help those affected by the pandemic. The Argus’s charity and American Express have each donated £50,000 to kick-start the appeal. Grants will usually be for up to £5,000. More information is available at www.sussexgiving. To donate visit