A RESTAURANT owner slashed a bouncer with a machete during a brawl outside a wine bar.

Ashkan Zahedian saw red as he waded into a melee on behalf of his friends Max Samandi and Hetty Samandi outside the Mixologist in Church Road, Hove.

The 29-year-old, who owns the Shandiz Persian restaurant nearby, saw “belligerent” Max Samandi “looking for a fight with anyone and everyone” and tried to calm him down.

But Zahedian was “struck” to the floor by security guard Danny Chapman who had arrived on the scene after getting an alert from colleagues.

Zahedian “snapped” and launched a volley of blows on Mr Chapman, including kicking the security guard in the head as he was on the ground.

Zahedian was led away by friends, but went to his car parked nearby and unsheathed a machete. Then he returned to slash Mr Chapman to the leg.

As Mr Chapman retreated, Zahedian punched him for a final time before being led away.

Following the incident, Mixologist premises owner Afshin Kianifard was stripped of his licence by council chiefs.

At Hove Crown Court, Zahedian admitted wounding and possession of an offensive weapon in public and was jailed for three years.

Daniel Benjamin, prosecuting, said Zahedian had apparently seen Hetty Samandi being knocked to the floor by a male security guard when he decided to intervene on February 18.

Mr Benjamin said at one stage Zahedian was “bearing down” on Mr Chapman and kicked him to the head.

“There were four separate pieces of violence,” the prosecutor said. “Kicking Mr Chapman while on the floor, two uses of the machete and a punch after the incident had been broken up.”

Rebecca Upton, defending, said Zahedian, of Davigdor Road, Hove, was “ashamed and remorseful” and wanted to apologise to Mr Chapman personally.

Zahedian believed he had been “struck” by Mr Chapman “from behind” and knocked to the floor, and this was the catalyst for his anger.

She said the attack was out of character for her client, who had more than 100 letters supporting him, including from MP Peter Kyle.

Ms Upton said Zahedian has lost his good character in a “moment of madness”.

Zahedian arrived in the UK as a refugee with his family from Iran, and is the carer for his mother, the court heard.

Judge David Rennie said: “Something caused you to snap. A friend had gone into the bar and he was angry and belligerent, taking his shirt off and looking prepared to fight with anyone and everyone.

“People who observed it would no doubt have been alarmed.

“You became involved when someone asked for your help, and I believe there was a very real measure of provocation in the circumstances you found.

“But the behaviour of any other person in no way justifies what you chose to do.

“It was a choice to get that weapon from your car, you escalated things and lost control. You caused a nasty injury. Whatever your intention was, you caused him serious bodily harm. I believe you are ashamed, shocked and remorseful.”