TWO MEN have been ordered to break off contact with a solicitor amid claims of stalking.

Matthew Taylor was previously convicted of harassing Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne.

But now the 48-year-old from Bolney Road, Brighton, has been given a “stalking protection order” by Brighton Magistrates’ over his alleged behaviour towards Mrs Bourne’s solicitor. Taylor was told he posed a “risk associated with stalking”.

Martin Wickens, 67, of Fletcher Avenue, St Leonards, was also put under a similiar order which will last for three months.

It bans both men from “engaging in any form of surveillance” on the solicitor, which includes following her, loitering or turning up to her place of work.

Magistrates also ordered Taylor not to broadcast of publish any opinions or comment that refers to the solicitor on the internet.

The orders were imposed by magistrate Richard Cohen in April, on the basis that there is a “reasonable case to believe that the proposed order is necessary to protect another from such risk”.

Both men were due to have a case management hearing in court this week.