A POLICE checkpoint is turning away cars trying to get into Brighton as bored families break coronavirus lockdown.

Traffic police officers are stopping motorists at the end of the A23 into Patcham.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “It’s not a dedicated coronavirus stop-check, but as part of the routine stop-check, we are asking people why they are here, where they are going and turning them around if they do not have a purpose.

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The Argus:

“We will be issuing fines if necessary.”

The stop-check is expected to last all day, the spokesman added.

Officers had already stopped and fined carloads of people breaking lockdown trying to get to the beach before noon.

Residents cheered as tourists were turned away, voicing their support for police efforts to maintain social distancing by keeping visitors out of the city over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Argus:

Traffic police officers from Surrey and Sussex Road Policing Unit stopped dozens of cars at a proactive checkpoint.

It is reported that they had issued 12 fines and turned around 19 cars after stopping around 65 before 11am and that one car was turned back more than 100miles to Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.

READ MORE >> Hundreds of sunbathers head to Brighton beach amid lockdown restrictions 

Visitors are still being asked to stay away from Brighton as the seaside basks in a bank holiday weekend heatwave.

The Argus:

People should only be using the beach if they live locally, the city council leader has said, as forecasters predict soaring temperatures over the weekend.

Certain parts of Hove beach were busy yesterday, but people were generally observing social distancing regulations by remaining at least two metres apart.

With the seaside set to enjoy a mini-heatwave over the weekend, Brighton and Hove City Council leader Nancy Platts reiterated the “visitors must stay away” message in a bid to keep the city safe.

The Argus:

Labour’s Cllr Platts said: “We do not want to undo the work we have already done.

“Whilst we have seen the curve of people being hospitalised with the virus coming down, we would not want to see it go back up.

“We still need people to stay away if they don’t live here and, if you do live here, go out locally.”

Temperatures reached 21C yesterday and are expected to reach similar levels today.

However, the mercury is expected to dip to 16C tomorrow, with forecasters predicting a windy washout.

At 7pm tomorrow, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce some easing of the lockdown restrictions.

Cllr Platts said: “We will stick to the Government guidelines before taking any action.

READ MORE >> Hundreds of sunbathers head to Brighton beach amid lockdown restrictions 

“We understand that people are anxious to get back to work and keen to be open and trading.

“We also understand that people are worried about the health of themselves and family members if lockdown is eased too quickly.

“We understand both perspectives and we are going to have to go through what it looks like for businesses to open safely.”

City leaders are beginning to explore options to reopen the city safely, which includes pedestrianising streets, improving cycle routes, and creating one-way areas.