LAST Saturday morning myself and my wife, Melanie, went for an early morning walk along the seafront from Hove Lagoon to King Alfred.

Although it was only 7.15am it was very busy, with lots of people taking advantage of the good weather.

Everyone was being sensible though and “keeping their distance”.

What was less sensible, however, was the number of cyclists on the promenade itself. We counted 22 in the relatively short time we were down there.

One group of middle-aged men were even cycling three abreast leaving little room for pedestrians and runners to safely enjoy the space.

All this when there are highly visible “no cycling” signs painted on to the surface of the prom and when there is a perfectly good cycle lane on the pavement just to the north of the promenade itself.

In these difficult and testing times, it is inexplicable and inexcusable that a section of the cycling community chooses to behave in this manner. And before anyone accuses us of being anti-cyclist, Melanie cycles to work on a daily basis and regularly uses a bike for her daily exercise.

Councillor Peter Atkinson and Melanie Atkinson