A DOCTOR has criticised the Prime Minister’s messaging as “unclear and potentially misleading”.

Worthing public health consultant Dr Beccy Cooper said Boris Johnson’s Sunday statement on the loosening of lockdown measures left people confused and uncertain.

And the doctor, who also leads the Labour Group on Worthing Borough Council, said ministers muddied the waters further by encouraging people to exercise more.

“At this critical time, as we move towards easing restrictions, people need very clear messaging,” she said.

“They want to know exactly what they can and can’t do and Mr Johnson failed to provide that clarity in his statement.

“The explanations on Monday only seem to have added to the confusion. I have serious concerns about the advisability of ministers encouraging people to drive to their favourite place to exercise or enjoy the open air.

“If we have some good weather and they all decide to drive to the beach to enjoy it, it’s going to be very difficult indeed for us in Worthing to ensure social distancing is properly maintained.”

The Argus: Dr Beccy Cooper also leads the Labour group on Worthing Borough CouncilDr Beccy Cooper also leads the Labour group on Worthing Borough Council

Dr Cooper said she had been contacted by people unsure if their workplace was safe to return to.

“It’s just not clear what mechanisms are in place for employees to voice their concerns,” she said.

“For many people, avoiding public transport is not an option.”

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