TEACHERS who miss their pupils have recorded themselves singing and dancing in a music video during the lockdown.

Staff at Peacehaven Heights primary school decided to send a musical message to schoolchildren to keep their spirits up during the coronavirus crisis.

The video shows staff miming along to Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake and waving rainbow-coloured signs which say “We miss you” and “Stay safe”.

Jodie Homewood, a Year 2 teacher at the school, said: “We really miss our children and we just want them to know we’re thinking of them.

“We also wanted to spread some joy during these uncertain times.

“Teachers and teaching assistants recorded themselves wherever they were – most of us were at home doing it on our phones.”

Jodie said pupils loved the video so much they have now created their own video for the teachers in response.

She said: “It’s about fifteen minutes long with lots of the children singing.

“It actually brought a tear to my eye, it was so heartwarming.

“It was so nice to see them in their own homes, looking happy and healthy - they look like they’re thriving.

“It’s given everyone a bit of a boost and cheered us up.”

Staff at the school have been going in on a rota to teach key workers’ children, while others focus on their home learning lessons and planning the curriculum.

Jodie said: “Teaching from home is definitely a challenge, especially with my own two children around, but we are getting through it.

“It’s actually been really nice with the key worker children as we have a range of ages all in class together, from reception age pupils all the way up to Year 6.

“They have been really bonding and working well. It’s a unique experience for everyone.”

Although the teachers miss having all the children around, Jodie believes pupils will benefit from the lockdown in the long term.

She said: “I honestly think the children will come out of this better off. Whether it’s those at home or the key workers’ children coming into school, they are getting more time and space to focus and hopefully to play lots.

“As a parent I don’t think they’ll be worse off. They’re never going to get this time again.”

Peacehaven Heights has been providing pupils with mindfulness exercises to help ease anxiety around the pandemic.

She said: “Before the lockdown we were talking in school about the coronavirus as it was on the children’s minds a lot and they were having to wash their hands very frequently.

“We are sending them exercises to promote good mental health but we aren’t teaching about the virus now. I expect it will be a hot topic when we go back.”

Jodie believes pupils should only go back to school when it is safe.

She said: “We wouldn’t want to put the children at risk. I know we’ll be putting in place safety measures when we go back.

“We’ll be led by the Government and that’s all we can do.”