A GREEDY bookkeeper who stole from her employers to fund luxury holidays, jaunts, and handbags has been told to pay back the cash.

Lynne Boakes is serving a prison sentence for stealing more than £100,000 from her employer Southfield Structural Services, an architects firm in Sussex.

The 48-year-old paid herself a higher salary and created fake invoices.

Previously a court was told: “Suspicions were aroused when she began to take time off, claiming she was unwell. There was a pattern of her disappearing on Friday afternoons and not coming back to work on Mondays.

“There were posts on Facebook, showing her drinking with friends in London or taking foreign holidays. She turned up to work with expensive handbags.

“This was not taking things to make ends meet. It seems one of the things she spent money on was her driveway, as well as the holidays and pleasure trips.”

Judge Paul Tain said: “This was a sophisticated operation where she used blind alleys and cover ups. This was an intense period of dishonesty.”

But after being jailed for three years in August last year, Boakes faced another court hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Following an investigation, she will have to hand over £67,000 that have been found in her assets.

Detective Inspector Mark O’Brien said the force was able to identify the assets to claim back, but Boakes would remain under review.

Boakes, of Sea Lane, Pagham, previously admitted three counts of fraud.