A LIB Dem councillor has demanded an apology from his former political rival after an edited video was allegedly shared on Twitter.

Oli Henman said the post on Lewes Conservative MP Maria Caulfield’s account had “undermined trust in politics as a whole”.

She has been slammed after screenshots of her Twitter account sharing a post about Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer were circulated on social media. Mr Henman says the post she shared falsely suggests Sir Keir had been reluctant to prosecute grooming gangs when he was director of public prosecutions.

He says a video clip attached to the post had been selectively edited and the effect of it discredited the Labour leader. It was allegedly also shared on the Twitter accounts of two other Tory MPs. The three retweets on the three MP’s accounts have now been deleted or the accounts locked.

As director of public prosecutions between 2008 and 2013, Sir Keir was head of the Crown Prosecution Service, the body that decides whether or not to prosecute someone accused of a crime.

Maria Caulfield’s Twitter account is currently inactive and she has not responded to The Argus’s request for comment, sent at 10.51am yesterday. Cllr Henman, who stood against Mrs Caulfield in the 2019 General Election, said: “Maria Caulfield should apologise immediately.

“This video was heavily edited and paints a misleading picture of the views of the leader of the opposition and undermines trust in politics as a whole.

“This is a new low at a time of national emergency when the country should be coming together.”