A GAY man bit off the ear of a friend who rejected his drunken advances.

Charlie Martin had been celebrating his birthday with his own partner when the victim came to join them for drinks.

But he tried to kiss the victim, who himself is gay and has a partner, out of the blue.

Despite being told to back off, Martin later told the man he “loved him” and “launched himself” at the victim, a court heard.

The victim was left pinned down, and Martin then bit off of the man’s ear lobe.

He was left stunned and with blood all over his face, while Martin’s mouth was also covered in blood as he spat out the ear lobe on the floor.

At Lewes Crown Court Martin admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent and was given a two-year suspended prison sentence.

Judge Janet Waddicor said: “It’s not difficult to imagine how shocking, frightening, and disgusting that incident was.”

Julie Whitby, prosecuting, told the court the incident happened at the Ranworth Hotel in Pevensey Road, Eastbourne in September last year.

She said: “The victim went up to have some drinks, but noted the large number of bottles and that Martin had been smoking cannabis.

“Martin attempted to kiss the victim out of the blue, which took him by surprise. So he told him to back off, it was not acceptable.

“Later the victim returned to the room to collect a bottle he had left there. Martin indicated that he fancied the victim and that he loved him. Martin’s own partner was still present. Then he launched himself at the victim sitting in a chair, and both men went to the floor.

“The victim was trapped and as he tried to break free, Martin bit his left ear lobe then spat it on the floor.”

Despite skin grafts and surgery, the ear love could not be reattached. Ms Whitby said Martin remembered none of the attack and woke up in a police cell in horror to find out what he had done.

Rebecca Upton, defending, said Martin, formerly of Pevensey Road, Eastbourne, had a tough upbringing and has struggled with both his mental and physical health.

He was intoxicated on too much alcohol, cannabis, and prescription drugs and was not in control. Ms Upton said that both Martin and the victim are classed as vulnerable adults.

Judge Waddicor said the attack was “devastating” for the victim and said: “The fact you spat out part of his ear onto the floor reinforces how deplorable your behaviour was.”

But given Martin’s vulnerabilities, she suspended the sentence.